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Companies that build software as a service (SaaS) products are spending millions of dollars extra, each year, on hosting, support, and development to compensate for problems in their software architecture. Knowledge Engine Technologies LLC is a passionate team of software architects and consultants dedicated to the discipline of software integrity and the solutions to solve these costly problems in modern technology stacks. Through our data-driven process and custom toolkits, we help clients scale their software by locating and fixing weak points in the architecture responsible for performance, stability, and data integrity problems. Our expertise spans all layers of the stack, regardless of language, framework, or industry.

Improving the integrity of software has immediate and long-term benefits. We help clients…

…reduce costs to scale.

…focus on writing the next killer feature.

…avoid costly rewrites and unnecessary changes in technology.

…improve user perception of their software.

…remove consistency and accuracy errors in data.

…generate reports in seconds instead of hours.

We pride ourselves on promoting the existing software architecture by leveraging technologies to their highest potential, and integrating components with minimal friction. Instead of selling costly software rewrites or needless changes in technology, we recognize that most software integrity issues are associated with a very minor percentage of code and this is where we put our focus, to effectively discover and solve pain points in the codebase.  We can help either at the architect stage to prevent integrity issues from surfacing, or we can evaluate existing products to determine how to address integrity issues.

Our unique approach lets our clients focus on the business features of tomorrow instead of the problems of today.

What We Do


Knowledge Engine Technologies LLC is a company that combines software and consulting expertise to help organizations improve software integrity and the overall quality of their offering. We supplement their domain expertise with our architecture expertise to help our clients control costs, user issues, and resources.

Many software engineering teams, whether they are employed by software companies or internal IT departments, want to build the best quality product at the lowest possible price. They want software integrity. This means three things: Performance integrity, stability integrity and data integrity.

Performance Integrity
Products should run in the most efficient manner because sluggish performance is not tolerated in today’s world. Many organizations, when faced with performance issues, simply throw hardware at the problem. This can increase expenses, especially as the application grows in scale, and more often than not, there is a limit to the effectiveness of added hardware. It is not uncommon for a cloud-based solution to cost six or seven figures per month, yet be less effective than an optimized solution running for a fraction of the cost.

Stability Integrity
Users demand software stability. Bugs or unexpected issues cause frustration with users and can also destroy credibility and user satisfaction. Ensuring that your application runs as perfectly as possible is critical.

Data Integrity
There is perhaps nothing worse for a software application than data integrity problems. Even simple data errors can lead users to distrust the system and dismiss it as flawed. Data errors are also expensive to fix, often requiring a dedicated support team and manual intervention with the database. This can lead to hundreds or even thousands of wasted hours and resources each and every year.

Our Expertise


We understand that technology stacks span a multitude of languages, frameworks, and architectures, and our expertise covers a diversity of implementations. These are just some of the technologies we have worked on in both cloud-based or internally hosted environments:


  • Java (and other JVM languages)
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • HTML, XML, and CSS

Frameworks and Platforms

  • Spring and Spring.NET
  • .NET ecosystem, including ASP.NET MVC
  • Node.js


  • SOA
  • Microservices
  • Traditional N-Layered/N-Tiered Design

Databases and Storage

  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • MongoDB

In our experience most software integrity problems are technology agnostic, but we work within our client’s existing stack to swiftly integrate a solution with maximum efficacy.

Our Process


Most development organizations have domain expertise and general software development expertise, but the skill set to understand and ensure software integrity is often minimal or missing entirely. A fresh set of eyes that looks more for integrity issues rather than either functional issues or user experience issues can be enormously valuable in helping improve customer satisfaction. These resources are simply not present in most companies or departments. This is arguably a good thing as resources should be dedicated to keeping the software cutting edge and competitive.

We work hands on with our clients, from understanding the high-level architecture and problem domain to drilling down into the codebase with engineers. Combined with our proprietary process and toolkits, we analyze, measure, and catalogue problems in the codebase and configurations.

We provide a detailed report of the analysis, including the following:

  • A summary of the overall health of the software system, including discovered problems and their importance.
  • An overview of priority (high-value, low-effort) depending on the client’s needs.
  • A roadmap of changes aimed to avoid downtime, provide gradual and safe updates, and integrate with existing release process.

Once the report is generated and reviewed by the client, we work together to complete the roadmap, step by step. Depending on the client’s preferences, our engineers work directly on the fixes, side-by-side with the client engineers, or we consult to the client engineers from a high level, guiding delivery throughout each step.

Who We Serve


Our proprietary process and toolkits are ideally suited for SaaS companies or internal software development departments of companies not in the software industry. We focus on organizations that understand that performance, stability and data integrity are tantamount to success.

An ideal customer has the following characteristics:

  • C-SUITE concerns about performance and costs.
  • Rapidly growing users/data.
  • Previous scaling attempts have been futile or costly.
  • Big data, complex analytics/reporting.
  • Spending money on scaling instead of features.
  • Designing the next generation/version of software.
  • Planning on high user/data load.
  • Want to ensure data accuracy and correctness.
  • Moving to cloud or using a data center and concerned about costs.
  • Want historical archiving and reporting of old data.
  • Lack of skill set to solve software integrity problem.

Just some of the industries that we can help:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Automotive
  • GeoSpatial
  • Business Intelligence



We have solved software integrity problems for healthcare, education, business intelligence, geospatial, and many other industries, across a variety of architectures and languages. With our help clients have achieved the following:

  • Cut the number of servers by over half, saving clients big money on their hosting costs.
  • Reduced data query and transfer time from hours and minutes to milliseconds.
  • Dropped the average page load time by 90%, creating a more pleasant and effective user experience.
  • Stopped data integrity errors, effectively freeing up customer support from countless tickets and complaints from users.

We work with our clients to solve past, present, and future problems:

Past: We solve problems stemming from old designs by integrating solutions with their legacy software, allowing uninterrupted business and uptime

Present: We also guide our clients to solve problems of the present, which are often pressing in nature and rely on careful consideration and expertise.

Future: Finally, we help our clients preempt problems of the future with our contemporary, multi-layered audit technique that not only shows where software integrity problems exist, but, importantly, how to fix them.

Are you:

…spending too much money to scale?
…spending time scaling instead of writing the next killer feature?
…rewriting your software or continually shifting technologies?
…dealing with poor client perception of your software?
…constantly fixing data integrity and consistency errors?
…spending hours or even days waiting for reports to finish?

If so, contact Knowledge Engine Technologies.

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